Children First

We have a strong academic base in Literacy and Mathematics.

Last year 90% of our children were reading. Mathematically, ALL of our children were able to add and subtract. Keep in mind that our average age is 4!

Although our focus is Academic, our students are children first! We focus on the “total” child, as we try to instill respect for themselves, for their peers, and their environment. We teach independence by taking care of themselves and others around them, i.e. putting on their own coats, tieing their shoes, etc. Children that can do things for themselves build strength and confidence.

We have a great deal of experience identifying and working with gifted and talented children. We assess each child to determine the appropriate level of challenge and do not limit a child’s learning based upon age. Our experience has also taught us that gifted and talented children have unique social and psychological needs. By providing a nurturing and supportive environment, we can help children grow their interests, thoughts and expressions.